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The swaying coconut trees in the gentle breeze is reminiscent of the soft and languorous movements of Mohiniyattam – the classical dance form of Kerala, Southern India. Mohiniyattam is the Dance of the Enchantress. Grace (Lasya) and Beauty (Sringara) form the quintessence of this dance form.

Inspired by her mother and Guru Bharati Shivaji, a legendary dancer of India, the luminous Vijayalakshmi began her training in dance at the age of 5 and has been performing all over the globe since the age of 13. Vijayalakshmi is recognized for choreography that challenges and brings a fresh perspective to a traditional art form, while continuing to retain its essence. In her choreography, powerful women characters take center stage.

“Vijayalakshmi is all about feminine delicacy and softness, about ragas and taalas, about sensuous swirling footwork and poetry of body exemplifying the technique of this unique and extraordinary form…she is rewriting the repertoire of Mohiniyattam breathing fresh perspective into tradition.” – Indian Express

A recipient of several prestigious national awards, Vijayalakshmi has performed extensively in India and around the globe including the Bolshoi Theatre, the Edinburgh International Festival and the Lincoln Centre. She is the Founder/Director of the Mohiniyattam Institute based in Agoura Hills, CA. The institute is involved with the research, training and propagation of Mohiniyattam.

Vijayalakshmi film – Beyond Grace by Sara Baur-Harding