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World Festival of Sacred Music-Los Angeles  (WFSM-LA) is a project of Foundation for World Arts founded by UCLA Professor of the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance  (1975-2015), Judy Mitoma on the belief that music and dance have the ability to bring forth our shared human values of peace and respect for all living things. A dance scholar and festival producer she co-curated the 1990 Los Angeles  Festival and began the World Festival of Sacred Music in 1999. These city wide festivals continued in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011. Over the course of 5 Festivals, WFSM built a powerful coalition of arts, faith, cultural, community, and environmental groups and presented the world of over 5,000 local and international artists. In 2015, Mitoma launched the Aratani World Series (2015-2017) an annual performance series at the Aratani Theatre in Los Angeles.


Judy Mitoma
Producer, Curator

Anu K. Ganpati
Marketing Director, Publicist

Monica Campagna
Graphic/Web Designer

CultureGap.LA. Event Promotions

Foundation for World Arts

Judy Mitoma – President | Andrew Beath | Jodie Evans