L.A. Cumbia Festival
L.A. Cumbia Festival The Audience On Their Feet! L.A. Cumbia Festival L.A. Cumbia Festival L.A. Cumbia Festival Katia Moraes Katia Moraes Ensemble Navarasa Dance Theater Viver Brasil Viver Brasil Navarasa Dance Theater Kayamanan Ng Lahi Kayamanan Ng Lahi Kayamanan Ng Lahi Waldemar Bastos Waldemar Bastos L.A. Cumbia Festival On Ensemble On Ensemble Moira Smiley & Tzvetanka Varimezov Varimezov Family Band "Cup Of Java" "Cup Of Java" "Cup Of Java"

The 2015 Aratani World Series Through the Lens of Jorge Vismara

Over 100 artists gathered at Aratani Theater in downtown Los Angeles for the inaugural season of the Aratani World Series (2014/2015) to engage audiences with music, dance and theater. The series celebrated the songs, sounds and dance of 15 ensembles both local and international, from Africa, India, Hawaii, Philippines, Japan, Bulgaria, Latin America, Central Java, Brazil, New York, and Los Angeles.

Aratani World Series artists included Waldemar Bastos the rapturous voice of the musical conscience of Angola; a fearless Taiko exploration in odd-metered grooves and overtone singing by On Ensemble with Kaoru Watanabe and Jazz musician Sumie Kaneko. Dance-inducing rhythms of LA’s hottest and newest Cumbia bands (Buyepongo, LA Chamba, Viento Calliero, Eduardo Martinez; India’s most adventurous genre-bending Navarasa dance theatre; Bulgarian singing alongside stompin’ contemporary vocal harmonies with Varimezov Family Band, moira smiley and VOCO ; Mamak Khadem a Persian master who evokes her many worlds in song; Filipino and Hawaiian dances converge with the soul of Hawaiian jazz in Kayamanan Ng Lahi’s MANA; foot stomping glory of Viver Brasil’s Afro-Brazilian dance and song; the captivating songstress from Rio Katia Moraes and a masterful Javanese expression of the Indian epic The Mahabharata in Cup of Java feaaturing ten classical dancers from Central Java and twenty-five CalArts musicians.

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