Grab Your Passport. Pick Up and Go!


In our digital world we have access to resources near and far — information, visual images, and sounds no longer tied to place. Yet, there is always a nagging feeling that we are missing something as we sit at our computers or hold our smart phones in the palm of our hand.

Is it true that with increased access we can lose sight of our need for direct experience, personal encounters, and physical engagement?

We live in a paradox that is data-rich and insight poor. Flooded with stimulation, do we make enough time to reflect on the great implications, meaning, and value of that stimulation?

Perhaps this is why I am attached to my passport. Each opportunity for travel signals an unmediated experience, a personal journey, and insights that come from effort, intellectual labor, and yes, sacrifice.

Attend concerts and gain insight into the world on one Saturday a month, the results are beyond our power to predict.

It is with all this in mind that I curate the Aratani World Series to offer something that will be uniquely your own. A direct experience with artists who can take you to places you have never seen; images and meaning you have yet to discover.

In your hectic world of traffic, work, and daily pressures, it is not easy just to pick up and go to another country.

So instead, we invite you to pick up and go downtown to the Aratani Theatre and experience worlds familiar and new, and listen to languages you may not know, but are vibrant and filled with emotion and meaning. Eat from a food truck you could never find on your own, and sit with fellow travelers who too search for connections across culture.

I have set for you my ideal itinerary —  Japan, Mexico, India, Los Angeles and Hawaii. Now we invite you to stamp your passport for an experience that will forever add to your insight into our world.

Attend a performance.
Judy Mitoma
Curator and Producer
World Festival of Sacred Music –

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