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California Institute of the Arts Javanese Gamelan Kyai Doro Dasih (The Honorable Dream Come True) has a distinguished history of over forty years of continuous study and performance. Javanese Gamelan music has been appreciated and admired by many western composers such as Lou Harrison, John Cage, Colin McPhee, Pierre Boulez, and Benjamin Britten to name just a few. Many Cal Arts students and faculty have added to this creative legacy of gamelan composition. Today there are some 130 gamelan groups in the US; 80 of these are hosted in Colleges and Universities. Before his Cal Arts appointment as the Javanese Gamelan Director Djoko Walujo was a senior faculty of Karawitan at ISI Yogyakarta. Indeed Cal Arts faculty members Nyoman and Nanik Wenten were two of the earliest graduates of ISI Yogyakarta. The collaboration with ISI was undertaken with confidence because the dedicated core of senior musicians and current students and their advanced level of accomplishment.